Cast Your Bread


It’s been a while since I posted anything.  I am not only working full time but also doing online school 15-20 hours per week for the next year.  That takes precedence.  The trip I just got home from today had such a profound lesson attached to it that I wanted to share.

I won’t share the entire back story because it will take way too long but let’s just say that God has confirmed in many ways over the past six months that I am suppose to look at real estate in Florida.  Am I moving?  No.  If you are thinking I have extra money just laying around to spend, think again.  My Mom passed last year and I recently sensed the leading of the Lord to invest that (after tithe of course) into land, condo, house, etc.  Understand that it is small enough that it won’t pay for anything but a plot of land or foreclosure.  With that being said, I had gotten every sign from God that I was to move forward with this venture.  It made sense to me since the most one could get from socking anything in the bank these days is about 15 cents interest per month.

Where he told me to go is a place that I had never been before.  I got every piece of the puzzle that God was going to give me without actually going there.  After getting connected with a realtor, at His leading, I traveled South for 2 days.  I needed to “step off of the cliff with God” before I was to receive the next step on this path.

About 2 weeks ago, I was given the scripture verse that says, Ecclesiastes 11:1,  Cast your bread on the surface of the waters, for you will find it after many days.  What this verse means to me, is that as we give out, we receive back in God’s perfect timing.  I have seen this principle in action in my life a lot over the last 4 years.  It’s been amazing!

 I knew in my spirit that this verse was about the trip but did not grasp the full meaning.  When I got there I met with the realtor and the time spent with her did not produce what was expected.  By Saturday afternoon I was discouraged, confused, questioning God if I heard Him correctly, etc.  So I reached out to someone to pray with and they suggested that I just rest and enjoy the time with God and explore the area.  I did just that and it was great but I was still frustrated.  I handed it all over to God and went to bed.

Sunday morning I woke up with a new attitude and felt like the Holy Spirit was saying to go out and be a blessing while exploring the town. So I figured if I can’t do anything else productive on this short trip, I would bless God instead.  It was a wonderful day.

I want to put out a disclaimer before you read this that I am not bragging.  In no way do I ever take credit for what God does through me.  It’s all Him!  I prophesied over the LYFT driver and we prayed for his family.  He was refreshed and excited that God would speak to Him in such a pinpointed way about his wife’s talents and how that would help them financially.  I gave to the homeless, prayer walked the city at night, I also fed the homeless actual food.  My favorite story was a young teacher working a Summer job in a shop.  He began to tell me that he was moving to Boston in the Fall.  As I window shopped, the Holy Spirit gave me a download about his childhood and a piece of his future puzzle in Boston.  I waited until no one was around and gave him the word. He confirmed it all and I reminded him that Jesus loves the heck out of him even though he is not paying attention to God right now.  He was so blessed and said that he couldn’t wait to tell his girlfriend what had happened when he got home.  He said that they will attend church in Boston.  It was so sweet!

As I was taking the short drive home from the airport this morning. that scripture came back to me in the car.  Here it is in the Message version:  Ecclesiastes 11:1,  Be generous: Invest in acts of charity.  Charity yields high returns.  

All of a sudden the Holy Spirit connected the dots for me.  I needed to not only get to know this place that I had never been before, but I needed to practice this spiritual law which God put into the world when He created it.  I needed to go spiritually invest time, love, resources and share the gifting that God has placed inside of me in order to reap the FULL benefit of what God wants to bless me with in that town.  I don’t want this to sound religious, like I think that He won’t bless me anyway.  I know He will, but I believe that God set me up to gain the FULLNESS and the BEST of what He wants to bless me with.  Blessing others opens up the doors supernaturally for our future, personal blessings.

I began this year saying, “I am jumping off the cliff with God.”  I want only what He has for me.  I don’t want to yoke myself with doubt and unbelief.  I will not yoke myself with overthinking things through (knowledge/wisdom of man) or fear.  If God says, “Jump”, I am saying, “when and how high?”  How about you?  What are you sensing that God is asking you to trust Him with?  I would love to hear from you.

For the Kingdom,



      • This message spoke volumes in my spirit , especially because of the journey that I believe the Lord has ahead of me with regard to relocation. I usually try to remind myself that I must walk to see, not see to walk, taking one step at a time trusting God. With this nugget that you have shared, I have a choice to allow God to put all the puzzles together. And in making a wise choice, others are blessed! Thanks for sharing this awesome testimony!


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