Summer and a book review

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Well, I think all of the local kids have officially headed off to their first day back at school as of today.  As my daughter left the house yesterday morning I was assessing our Summer.  We had a wonderful, fun filled break with the exception of my Mom’s illness and passing.  We traveled a little bit, stepped out of our comfort zones a lot and experienced things we have not done before and just made the most of the moments we had.  I have to admit, this was the hardest summer vacation ever to say goodbye to!
As a parent I had set goals in June for this precious time.  Some of them were accomplished, yet others were left virtually untouched.  Why?  I am still on a huge learning curve as a parent.  I have a whole new level of respect for single parents in this season of my life as well and gladly take advice from people I trust.  I am sure some people see my daughter’s now partially pink hair and her love for some makeup and judge me.  It doesn’t faze me.  I see right past those things and have learned to embrace her artsy/creative side and encourage the things that will cause her to grow as a person.  I have learned to pick my battles and encourage the gifting inside of her.
I recommend books in the counseling office often so when a book recently caught my eye while online shopping entitled “Have a Happy Family by Friday,” I knew I wanted to read it!  When I noticed that the author was Dr. Kevin Leman, I was all in!  He is an amazing Christian writer.  I get that some believers don’t like to read anything but the bible based on this one scripture.
1 John 2:27
27 As for you, the anointing which you received from Him abides in you, and you have no need for anyone to teach you; but as His anointing teaches you about all things, and is true and is not a lie, and just as it has taught you, [a]you abide in Him.
Yes the Holy Spirit is our teacher, but we are also to be plugged in to the body of Christ and learning from each other.  We are all at different places in our walks and we have much to glean from each other if we will lay down some pride and be coachable, teachable and trainable.  Of course, lining everything up with the Word and what the Spirit is confirming in your spirit.
So anyway, getting back to this book.  I highly recommend this one for parents in any stage of parenting (including grand parenting).  Dr. Kevin focuses on how to improve communication, respect and teamwork.  I have to tell you that this inspired me so much that I would find myself crying tears of joy over the encouragement and concrete methods that he suggests.  If you find yourself not overly fond of reading, this one will keep your attention with stories, scripts and tons of grace!
No matter how many irreparable mistakes you believe you have already made or if you are the parent who thinks you have this thing called parenting in the bag, you will still benefit greatly from this book!  You can find it for under $10 everywhere!  It’s a great investment in your relationship with your family.
For the Kingdom


  1. This is awesome!

    I need to keep reading mine!!!!

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  2. I would love to read that book. I know now that parenting is a long phrase of life! I don’t say that in a negative way. It’s just the truth, and I always want to learn more and improve…even as our children begin to move up and out. ♥


  3. One thing I have been learning from parenting is a reflection of how my Heavenly Father parents me. I have made so many mistakes and will probably make a ton more, but I have even received healing from my past as a child. As a parent I now how much I love my children yet I mess up. So when I reflect on some areas of my childhood that use to bother me regarding my parents I can see now how much they really did love me even though they messed up in a few areas as well. I will have to check out the book. Glad you had a great summer!!


  4. I love your reflection on our heavenly Father’s parenting us! I agree that it’s much easier to forgive the mistakes of our own parents when you have your own children and begin to realize that you aren’t going to do this thing perfectly either! Love you


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