The Choice


If God works in you the way He works in me, you most likely have a theme pop up in your life and you can’t seem to get away from the topic until you have learned what God is showing you.

My theme right now is the matter of having choices.  We all know that we are born with  free will.  After I rededicated my life back to the Lord in my mid-thirties I had had enough of the ramifications of my free will.  I went on a journey of eliminating anything from my life that would be unpleasing to God and/or causing me to suffer a consequence as a result of my actions.  Well, like the rest of you, I am still learning from the cause and effect of what I speak, how I spend God’s money, what I put in my body, etc.  We are never done learning, but I didn’t even want to have free will anymore.

I am a rule follower by nature so wanting to follow the rules was a natural and easy concept for me.  As the years went by, I became so comfortable with allowing God to steer the ship that I would even daily submit in prayer my free will back to Him as an offering.  I didn’t want it.  My free will had only gotten me in trouble in the past.  It felt safe, but what I didn’t realize was that God wanted me to make choices along the way.  He wanted me to trust the God inside of me and His word that I knew so well to guide me along the way.

As I have begun to tap into my identity in Christ more and more, it becomes easier to trust my own decisions.  We can always measure our decisions up against the Word of God.  If they don’t line up, then don’t go there.  But when you truly understand that the Creator of the Universe is living inside of you, you can trust your decisions.

Sometimes decisions are a bit more difficult to make due to the confusion or manipulation that may be going on behind the scenes.  I encountered one such experience over the last nine months that really sealed the deal for me that I can make choices and trust myself because God is with me.

An old friend popped up into my life from 27 years ago in July of 2016.  They appeared to be walking with the Lord, yet something felt off and there were just odd signs that I was discerning.  So I began to ask God what was up with this person.  I had a dream in August that this person’s intentions were not pure and there was much motive behind their appearance in my life.  So I proceeded with much caution and waited to see what would happen from a distance.  By October the original motive from the dream began to reveal itself and I was secure that God had my back.  I didn’t immediately remove the person from my life.  They were broken and needed assistance which I felt God had given me the green light to help them.  As time marched forward, more and more motives came to the forefront and I constantly stood my ground with a very healthy boundary, while still attempting to assist in whatever way possible with the love of Christ.  Last week, it all came to a head and I began to question the initial dream from July.  I asked God that morning to bring anything into the light that I had not seen that was still in the dark and to do it quickly.  Our God is so faithful!  Within 6 hours of that prayer, all motives had been exposed and the person’s true character and plan was brought out fully into the light!  I was flooded with such peace and assurance that God has my back.  He is my Abba Daddy, my Best Friend, my Comforter, Keeper and Counselor as I make decisions.  If I had ignored Him, I know He would have helped me out of it, but who wants to go through all of that!  One more point I want to make about this incident is that many things happen in 9 month cycles in our lives (Just like having a baby).  This person planted the original seed in my life  in July and it was almost 9 months to the day that their original motive was birthed and made it’s appearance into the world.  If you are dealing with any issue, sometimes it’s good to leave it in God’s hand to work it out for at least nine months.

I believe God’s people have many choices right now.  We have much abundance in front of us and He is transferring things from the wicked to the righteous.  I have a friend who was trying to choose a path for the new year.  She had two choices and really wanted what God wanted for her.  As we went to prayer, we discerned that He wanted her to have both!  Don’t put God in a box!  Make choices wisely, always include God and He will be in your experiences throughout your life.

I had a chance to go out for a run this morning before the snow began to fall and as I headed out I heard the Spirit say, “You choose the path we take today and I will be in it.”

Proverbs 16:9
A man’s mind plans his way [as he journeys through life], But the Lord directs his steps and establishes them.

For the Kingdom,



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