Speculations of an Inner Healer


It’s been a few weeks since I have felt the stirring to post anything as there has been so much info. overload on social media.  I want to blog in more detail today on a post which was entitled Strange Bedfellows from July, 2016.   I had read an article from someone else explaining that they felt the scriptures point to familiar spirits being the problem for our generational issues instead of generational curses and I provided the link as well.   If you have no idea what I am talking about generational sin can include addiction, perversion, family illnesses, religious spirits, etc.  Basically anything that is not of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Since I posted that blog, I have learned and seen more and want to elaborate.  As someone who has been doing inner healing and deliverance for a long time, I have seen and heard many different situations and life stories.  I have seen many people get healed of multiple mental illnesses, physical ailments, generational propensities, etc.  My faith is huge in this area because of all of the miraculous things I have seen our Abba Daddy do for His kids!

So many believers struggle with the idea that generational curses could still exist under Christ.  As with most biblical arguments, scriptures can seem to be interpreted in many ways and can seem to support both lines of thinking.  I believe the answer is that God no longer curses us with past generational sin under Christ.  We curse ourselves.  The familiar spirits (demonic entities that follow family lines) spend their time presenting old sins to us over and over in hopes that we will pick them up and create a new strongholds within the family line.  But, it is not God cursing us as it appeared in the old testament.  We curse ourselves by entertaining spirits.  We also see bad behavior modeled for us as children especially if we lived in a home where generational sin ruled the roost.  The other fact remains that Dr. Caroline Leaf has proven through scripture and science that our thoughts and behavior alter our DNA, which effect the next generation, and so on. Even if you need to acknowledge it purely from the scientific standpoint to believe it, I am asking you to open your mind to the idea.  Just as long as you don’t ignore the fact that generational propensity is real.

The other thought process that really concerns me is when believers think they are stuck with addiction, cancer, diabetes, dementia, etc. because it seems to be in the family history.  They often curse themselves with their own mouth by saying that they can pretty much assume that they too will suffer the same fate. God adores us!  He doesn’t leave us here to just settle for Satan’s worst.  Jesus endued us with power from on high and said that we would do greater works than He did on the earth.  I don’t know about you, but if He raised the dead and we are suppose to be doing greater works, can’t we get rid of a religious spirit or diabetes in our family line with His power?  So how do we begin to walk out of these generational propensities?

When we sin, if it is not confessed and repented for, it opens the door to the enemy.  We don’t get saved and then never have to confess our junk:

1 John 1:9
If we confess our sins, he who is faithful and just will forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.
We can also confess and repent for others.  Today if you know that you have come into agreement with a “family issue”, first ask God to forgive you for walking in the same sin.  Ask Him to forgive you for coming into agreement with those things by cursing your own self with your mouth and modeling unhealthy behavior. Forgive yourself (this is important).  Next stand in the gap and ask God to forgive anyone in your family line who opened the door to this sin and the familiar spirits that keep the sin going in the family.  You also forgive those family members who opened the door.  Then clap your hands and speak out that you “break the power that sin has over your life and in the generations to come and that you put the cross of Christ between yourself and that sin.”  Then command that familiar spirit to leave in the name of Jesus!  Ask the Holy Sprit to take over any areas where the sin and the lie were occupying.  Also ask Holy Spirit to make you very aware of when the enemy is trying to regain the territory.  Renew your thoughts and your mind (alter your DNA) with the word of God daily.  This will break down the behavior and equip you to walk in your new, healthy walk with Christ in that area!
For the Kingdom,




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