The Religious Spirit vs An Addictive Personality


I wanted to post this on both of my blogs today because it is relevant to people struggling with food issues as well.  Today when I was running, my mind trailed off to thinking of all of the people who will begin this new year the same way as last year.  They will begin with a resolve to lose weight, exercise, etc.  Many have gone around the same mountain that they do each year at this time and have stress eaten with reckless abandon.  Now the guilt and disgust has set in and they are vowing to get back on the bandwagon and get it right this year.  Most people who struggle like this have an addictive personality type.

As time goes on, I am realizing the similarities between having an addictive personality and carrying a religious spirit.  They both have an all or nothing approach to their way of thinking.  A great example of that would be when you get on board with a new way of eating or exercising and you decide that this is the only correct way and everyone else is wrong in their approach.  You try to preach it to everyone else and carry a sense of self-righteousness about how you are the only one who is correct.  People with the religious spirit feel the same way about their doctrine.  Once they think that they have the absolute truth from the Word they are closed off from the Holy Spirit to allow change, growth and seeing scripture in another light.  In both (addiction and religion) once you think you’ve got the absolute truth you close your heart off from receiving anything else.  This usually takes place due to fear of being led astray (religion) or fear of failure (addiction).

We must remember that God is not in a box and if you decide that you have all of the answers (in any area of your life), you are not coachable, teachable or trainable.  That is called, stubbornness, rebellion, control, spiritual pride and single-minded thinking.

With addictive personalities and religion, every concept must be put in it’s proper box with the lid tightly closed.  This stunts your growth and the ability to change and learn new concepts as you are walking through familiar cycles that you have not yet conquered. I, of course, am speaking from experience as I have been in both of these places.  When I was struggling with these spirits (addiction and religion), the one word that would cause me to feel out of control was balance.  If someone would even speak that word it would cause me anxiety.  You know why………because balance equals freedom.  Religion and addiction are bondage.  When you are use to walking in bondage, freedom is scary.  The Holy Spirit gives us freedom.

2 Corinthians 3:17

Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.

As you go into this new year, I implore you to not take the all or nothing approach yet again just because it’s January 1st.  Find balance.  Break out of the addictive personality box and the religious spirit entanglement and find freedom in Christ.  It’s the only true place of freedom on this planet.  You won’t find it anywhere else.   Jesus Christ is the only way to salvation and not carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders. The only true way to walk in health and healing for your body is to allow the Holy Spirit to guide and direct your steps daily regarding what you are to eat and how you are to exercise.  Anything else is just bondage.  It’s so simple and so God and so freeing and so balanced!  If you are still struggling with the strongholds that keep you in bondage, that is why God had me write the book,  Journey to acceptance – spiritual release from food bondage.  I encourage you to read though the chapters and learn to walk with the Holy Spirit in perfect harmony this year.

Galatians 5:1 

For freedom Christ has set us free. Stand firm, therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.
I wish everyone a happy new year.  May your year be one filled with much victory!
Be blessed

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  1. Loved this. I started reading this about four times but got interrupted at different times. Got to read the whole thing today. I loved it because I know I struggled with both and reading this I can see how free I truly am. Sometimes we forget where we were or we forget how much we have been walking in freedom. Wow yes I remember when I was so bound up in addictive and religious. Learning balance is definitely freeing. I think of what is says in Proverbs about a false balance is an abomination to the Lord. I know in the context it is speaking of tipping the scales and stealing but we can do the same. But when we have a false balance we lose out and the Lord loses out. Great reminders.

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