Media Fear

Folded newspaper with reading glasses

I have an opinionated, kind of blog today.  It’s a topic that I am passionate about.  You may completely disagree with me and that’s okay!  I just want to share my heart on the matter.  We have not subscribed to a newspaper in our home for decades.  As most of you know, the national news is so extremely skewed that one can not even begin to glean any truths from it.  As with all things, this effect trickles downhill as our local papers publish what is reported nationally.  The little, local articles are most likely the information bearing the most truth and facts.  Our prior local news station was as good as it could get and sadly, we lost them a few years ago!

When I run on a weekend morning, I tend to see more papers lying at the end of sidewalks as people sleep in and take their time getting their day started.  When my eyes scan across a headline and I see the sorrow of what is happening locally, and in the world, I quickly remember another main reason why we unplug from the news and the paper.  The spirit of fear and terrorism reigns over this type of media.  If you are in touch with the spiritual realm, you know that we have an enemy and he loves to utilize any means to paralyze us with fear.  I know a lot of people watch/read updated news to stay informed.  The other rationale I have heard is that they don’t wan’t to seem like an idiot at the water cooler because they feel clueless.

My question is When we know it’s statistically 91% lies, how is this staying informed?  To me it’s like saying, “let me have a conversation with the enemy and see if I can discern if he is telling me the truth.”  What does God’s word say?:

John 8:44 (NIV)

You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.
When you really begin to realize that the news is designed to make paralyzed, fearful, zombies out of gullible folks, you may begin to pull back a bit.  So how do you stay informed.  One of my mentors asks the Holy Spirit what she needs to know.  That way she is getting the heavenly perspective of what’s really happening.  I have said for years that anything I need to know pops up as a headline on my AOL screen after I sign out of my email.  I look at the main headline and then I pray and ask God what’s up and then pray from that position.
All I know is when I did get a newspaper and I actually use to read it, I would feel a little depressed and heavy and sometimes felt like it was then hard to get motivated to do anything for the day.  I also noticed this pattern if anyone turned on the news in my house.  I have also recognized, as a counselor, that the children who seem to have a lot of fear complain about their parents having such media on daily.  We forget how sensitive their little spirits are to violence and lies (and hopefully now you realize to the spirit of terrorism.)  You see if the enemy of our soul can make us believe our world is going down the tubes and that we have no power over certain agendas, we will roll over and expose our soft underbelly to him and he wins.  Well not in my house!  I was blessed enough to learn this from my own dad and I am now teaching my kids how to not get in bed with the spirit of fear!  When they discuss a news interest at school, we then converse about it at home.  We ask questions like, “What does God’s word say about that?”  “Did that make you feel afraid?”, “Why?”  “Why do you have no reason to fear?”  
I would love your input.  How do you handle news in your home?
Be blessed


  1. First I just want to say thank you I grew up in a home where my parents watched the news all the time I didn’t like the negative so I would just walk away the news just gives the devil to much credit and people fall into the trap he has planned as with anything you chose to watch being informed is not bad it’s what you allow it to do to you that is the problem if we stay focused on God and his word and realize we are not fighting against flesh and blood we know it’s a spiritual attack if we believe God is more powerful why give into to the lies? Fill yourself with the word and positive things and you will find more peace in your everyday life as for me I don’t indulge in the news media I would rather spend time hearing what God has to say:) God bless you all stand strong in the Lord He will show you what you need to know peace and love<3

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  2. Thank you! I have not listen to news or read the newspaper in over 10 years. I listen to a Christian radio channel. And any thing that I need to know I ask the Holy Spirit for. Thank you for validating that . May I add the Internet news also. Very negative very biased you sometimes just have to follow your heart. 💗🙏✝

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