The Living Organism

It just seems irrelevant to post about anything this week except for what has been going on with the results of the election. I really never thought that I would be publicly sharing the results of my experiences with God leading up to this past Tuesday but here I am. I hope that this will give some people out there a different perspective on what God is doing.

If you are a believer I’m sure there have been many times in your life where God has directed you to do something that you didn’t immediately understand. At that point, it’s your choice whether you obey and follow that leading trusting that God knows what he’s doing, or just to simply ignore Him.  In March, I had a dream That I thought I understood it’s purpose but much to my surprise it was part of a prophetic instruction for the future. You see I dreamt right before I woke up (these are your most important dreams) that I was walking through the streets confessing and repenting for the United States of America for abortion. Someone was following me who had an abortion when they were young and it had greatly affected their life. As I walked through places I didn’t recognize, I came to this round building.  It was very old and it seemed more like a portico in my dream. As I was bent over in half travailing for the United States, I could hear planes coming toward the portico that should not have been there. I sensed they were carrying things that no American wants to see in their lifetime. I woke up before anything catastrophic occurred. So as a result, over the next few months, I began to confess and repent for the United States over this issue. In April God told me to go to Washington the last week in July. I had no idea why I was going but wanted to see A longtime friend who had moved into that area and it was an excuse to visit her. My daughter was privileged to sing at David’s tent that weekend as well. I knew that these were not the reasons why we were going to Washington but I laid it all aside and waited on God. If I reasoned it out in my own mind I would’ve missed His supernatural direction. One week before we were scheduled to leave, the dream and the trip collided together and I received my direction. You see over those first two weeks in July the Lord was teaching me about John 20:23. This was the time after Jesus had been resurrected and he was showing his hands and his side to the disciples and they were filled with joy. He breathed on them and said, “receive the Holy Spirit. ” Then when they were full of the Holy Spirit, he said to them, “if you forgive the sins of anyone they are forgiven. If you retain the sins of anyone they are retained.” He began to speak to me about how the inner healing concepts that we use to set people free from their past as individuals would also begin to heal the United States. I believe the Lord sent many people to do these  “inner healing” assignments all over the United States for specific key areas.  You see much forgiveness had to happen before He would intervene. 

Rewind back to the end of July and here I was with two great friends standing at the Jefferson Memorial (this was where He showed me I was standing in my dream). We were releasing and forgiving the United States of America for many things that the Lord instructed us to forgive. We were performing spiritual surgery on our beautiful country that day. I have no doubt that there were other people doing the same thing all over this land at many strategic moments in time in 2016. If you are not aware, many Native Americans stood on the Washington Mall October 21 and chose to forgive the white people for many many atrocities committed against them. Their exact words were… We choose to forgive The United States of America even though they have not asked for forgiveness. You see the scripture is so powerful! If you forgive the sins of any they are truly forgiven! But if you retain the sins of any they are retained!  

Why am I blogging about this today? I feel like The believers who sincerely feel like those who voted for Trump committed a crime against them by voting for someone who was racist (just like all of us we need the grace to change after we’re  saved) need to stand before the Lord today and according to John 20:23,  choose to forgive them as well as any other Americans who still choose to walk in racism. You may not feel it in your heart when you say it and that’s not hypocrisy, it’s an act of obedience to your God. Forgive Trump if you think he is racist.  It’s your responsibility as a believer. Our Bible study group in July and August chose to do concentrated forgiveness, inner healing toward the United States on behalf of others atrocities, I.e. Slavery, racism,sexism, etc.  If the original people of this land can walk in forgiveness then why not us?  Are we so prideful that we think someone else does not deserve forgiveness after what Jesus has done for us?

I learned on a deeper level this year that the United States is one body. Just like we go after healing for our own physical body, we need to do the same for this organism called the United States of America. Remember we’re not wrestling against flesh and blood. You all know that, but somehow some of us have forgotten that and are taking this personally. We all have moments of offense. In those moments we need to choose to forgive. If you’ve never heard the saying it’s really true… Unforgiveness is like the drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. I would implore every American believer today who has ever felt discriminated against by another person in this country to take a moment and go to John 20:23 and choose to forgive and release those people today. It will go a long way in bringing peace and order back to our land in God’s eyes, because the bottom line is if you’ve forgiven them, then God has forgiven them. We as a nation are then released on another level.  Do yourself part today and take a moment to ask God who you need to forgive and release.

Be blessed

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