The Journey….Again


Over the last few weeks I have been feeling like I need new direction from God as I have been feeling a little unsettled.  I love the prophetic gift in the church and the last major, instructional, directional, word I had received was in February and that word had been fulfilled. So last weekend I sought out trusted prophetic voices in the church to pray for me. They confirmed many things that I had been asking the Lord as well as told me a few things that I needed to hear. One told me that I was feeling uncomfortable because I had outgrown the shoes that I was wearing and that I needed to allow God to fit me with a bigger shoe size in the spirit.

I have been asking God if I should fast for new direction and that was also confirmed that a three-day fast would be helpful for pressing in and hearing His voice. As I pressed in the end of last week, much to my surprise, the focus of the direction was that God was stripping off even more striving from me. He had begun this process in April of 2012 when I really realized how much women, especially in my age range, have bought into the LIE that you can do it all, be it all, have it all and still have time to sleep and be a nice person!

The fact that I needed more striving stripped off of me was not really a surprise to me as I still have trouble maintaining a balanced schedule and not overtaxing myself. However the method in which the Lord told me to release myself from this next layer of striving was quite a surprise! He specifically told me to go back over my own book, journey to acceptance spiritual released from food bondage, and apply it to striving. It hit me like a ton of bricks that day that striving and perfectionism is yet another form of addiction. It is a cruel taskmaster. I just viewed it as a symptom of a greater issue until last week’s revelation.  I had realize that other people have been set free from other types of addiction through my book such as nicotine addiction, drug addiction, excetera but it took God to show me that it would be useful for striving. Yes I had broken all the spiritual strongholds for perfectionism and striving yet my thought process still lined up with striving.

As I have been going back through my own chapters I’m being released and feeling much more peaceful. It’s amazing because I have always had trouble with my adrenal glands being worn out. I realized during the fast that my mind, when it has many things running through it, is causing my adrenals to go into fight or flight mode even when I think it’s peaceful. I was just so used to it that I didn’t recognize it as NOT peaceful. This week I’m walking in a greater level of peace and focus on what is important to God.  I know I must be speaking to someone else out there or I wouldn’t be posting this today. I would love to hear from you. Does anyone else out there battle with striving and putting too much on their plate? I am great with it when I follow God’s plan for my day but when I revert back to the old mindset of rescheduling my day instead of God doing it, I fall into striving. As I finish the chapters of my own book I am confident that I will be set free. If you are dealing with this issue and already have a copy of my book, I encourage you to go back over the chapters and apply the concepts to striving.

Be blessed

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  1. At my age I’ve learned to slow down.I am still one who gets things done and out of the way.God finally showed me how to handle stress and keep calm.Donna there’s only so much we can do for others,take some well deserved time for you!

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