Delay of Game


My husband loved sports of all kinds.  I think if underwater basket weaving was a sport, he would have watched that too!  There have been many types of games over the years playing at the Friend house.  Each sport comes with it’s own set of rule and regulations, however, I have noticed that in most sports one common penalty is for delaying the progression of a game.

Prophetically I have seen a lot of basketballs lately.  One such vision I have gotten often over the past 4 weeks for people is that of having all of their balls (in life so to speak) thrown up into the air and they are all suspended there in mid-air.  The person feels they are in a transition or shift into a new season and they are just waiting to see which balls land back on the ground and where they will land.

I feel as though our country is prophetically in the same spot as well.  There have been so many balls thrown in the air and in 4 weeks we will have some indication as to where we are headed based on who’s court they land into.

In football the opposing team will purposely delay the game just when a field goal kicker has an important, game determining goal to score.  For those of you who aren’t sports savvy, this is called icing the kicker.  This tactic is designed to throw the kicker off of their game and get in their head a little bit and shift momentum. Every time a new accusation or carefully timed piece of info. hits the news, know that it’s designed to ice the opponent as well as their voters and shift momentum.

When there is a delay of game on the field, in the political ring, or in your life you can look at it as negative or a positive.  I always think of the field goal kicker that he should be thinking, “Great!  This gives me more time to stand here and visualize myself kicking this goal through the uprights before it actually happens!”  If you can’t wait for this election to be over, readjust your thinking and tell yourself, “This gives me four more valuable weeks to pray and seek God’s face regarding His plans for the United States.”  If you are feeling as though your life is experiencing a delay of game, the most reliable ways of breaking through that place is to fast, pray and seek God’s face for answers.

Acts 13:2
While they were worshiping the Lord and fasting, the Holy Spirit said, “Set apart for me Barnabas and Saul for the work to which I have called them.”
These tools gives us direction for our own lives as well as highlight the called and chosen.
These next four weeks will go by quickly, please take the time to pray and seek God’s face and cry out our nation!  It is our responsibility!
Be blessed.



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