I am going to take a guess and believe that I am not the only one currently feeling places in their life where a profound separation is taking place.  Merriam Webster defines separation as:

  • : the act of separating people or things or the state of being separated

  • : a situation in which a husband and wife live apart from each other

There is a reason that anxiety often accompanies separation.  Many people hate change and when a change comes (whether it’s God-inspired or not) they resist it.  I am a person who has been slow to change, yet as I have allowed the Lord to heal me, change has become easier and I am not so resistant anymore.

With most change comes separation.  Most often in order to shift into a new place, we have to separate from the old place (at least to some degree.)  This can be extremely hard especially when people you love or had good relationships with are involved.  Sometimes it’s not a complete breaking off that occurs, yet some sort of separation must take place if you are to get the full benefit of the new place God is taking you.

Separation can happen in divorce, death, job changes, ministry, friendships, church affiliation, as children leave the nest permanently, relocation, etc.  In all of these, there is a level of separation that must happen and be embraced in order for anxiety and depression to not reign in your heart.

With some of us celebrating the Jewish holy days and with Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner, this separation can be the most evident.  It can also be the most painful if you are experiencing that separation from old tradition or family members that are no longer available in your life.

Abraham was just one biblical example for us to remember.  He separated himself from everything familiar to him to obey God:

Hebrews 11:8
By faith Abraham, when called to go to a place he would later receive as his inheritance, obeyed and went, even though he did not know where he was going.
Abraham could not keep his feet in his old territory and still walk into the new.  He had to separate.  Not separating can cause us to be double-minded and unstable in all of our ways.
If we can learn to find the silver lining in separation, we can move forward with what God has for us with more joy.  This also squashes fear and depression and builds our faith.
How has separation caused you to grow?
Be blessed






  1. Separation and change are hard sometimes but are totally necessary to move into the places where God wants you to be. This blog so timely because I believe that the upcoming election is going to bring separation and change in ways we have never seen before. Brace yourselves for the change and be ready to move and do whatever our Lord tells us too!!


    • Really good point! I was thinking about the election as well when I was running this morning and how that may also cause a forced separation of some sort…….that outcome T.B.D.


  2. Regarding the pain of separation, I had a kind of grammatical revelation just the other day. For years, I have been confused about the difference between two terms in Spanish. They are similar, so similar that native speakers haven’t been able to get the difference across to me. The terms are “hace falta” or simply “falta”. They use the latter in Dora the Explorer to talk about what’s missing: ¡Falta uno! (One is missing!) Ok. That said, I was sitting and thinking how my life is missing the love and support of a mother or mother figure, i.e. an aunt. At the moment, I was thinking practically, that it’s just a fact that my life doesn’t have this aspect, that the structure of my family is such that my mother figures are gone. This would be “Mi vida falta la presencia de una madre.” Of course, I continued thinking on this and then began to feel sad that I have been separated from such love and support. If I were to express it emotionally, that is, this or that thing is a gap that causes pain, it would be the other term. “En mi vida, hace falta…” Now I get it! I haven’t yet seen a benefit of this separation from love and support of a mother? Could it be that now I have to grow up and rise up into that role for others? Not sure! Sometimes I still “want my Mommy!” Or my aunt. Hope this comment seems relevant. It’s what your blog made me think of! xoxo


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