The Issues Of Life


I have had some profitable lessons learned over this last season that we just came out of.  I’m referring to the last spiritual season we just shifted out of, not the natural one (thank God we still technically still have a week of Summer.)  I am hoping to eventually blog about all of them.

The first lesson I learned took place the end of May and into July.  I was dealing with much anger over an injustice being done to a family member.  I thought the issue was handled, yet much to my surprise, it was worse than ever before.  By the end of June I went to the Lord telling Him I was going to fast for the situation.  I asked Him what type of fasting He wanted me to complete and the answer was immediate.  It surprise me.   He said very clearly, “I want you to fast your anger for 10 days.”  I knew this was going to be a journey I would not soon forget so I jotted down the points God brought up to me each day of the fast.  I hope they are helpful to anyone dealing with anger.

  1.  I had to confess my anger openly before the Lord, praise Him for the situation (which is easy when you know that all parties will learn volumes from being stuck in the situation.)
  2. I had to completely surrender the situation to Him.
  3. I had to confess my anger at the close family member who was not handling the situation in the manner I had counseled them to go.  (I gave up my right to be right)
  4. God reminded me that I tend to be more of the passive type when I get angry and I hadn’t processed the initial anger properly the first time this incident had happened.  So I basically had piled more anger on top of anger.
  5. God used this incident to show me that I had a little bit of anger to still process in the loss of my husband. (an unexpected bonus)
  6. Next God showed me that I was planning to handle this situation the exact same way as I had before.  I think we all know the saying, “The definition of insanity is doing things the same way and expecting a different result.”
  7. This brought me to the place of realizing that I had to just be still and know that He is God and wait.  This step released my family member to hear from God clearly what they were suppose to do next.  Even though there was a big injustice done to them, after much prayer and understanding of the other person, they also completely laid down their right to be right and just reached out in love, forgiveness, recognizing their own wrong, yet explaining how they felt hurt as well.
  8. God showed me that sometimes when I am angry I can model unhealthy behavior that I learned in my past, so I am actively working to change that when anger pops up.
  9. On day 9 I wrote….I might be angry but I am not helpless because I have the word of God and the authority of Christ.  If my anger is righteous, then I can decree and declare God’s word over the situation!
  10. On my last day this verse sealed my fast in a way that I never expected:
     Proverbs 4:23 (NKJV)

    23 Keep your heart with all diligence,
    For out of it spring the issues of life.

    The Message version says:

    Proverbs 4:23 (MSG)

    23-27 Keep vigilant watch over your heart;
        that’s where life starts.

    I felt like God was showing me yet another layer of the importance of guarding my heart.  The biggest lie the world has bought into is the saying, “follow your heart.” As believers we know the word says:

    Jeremiah 17:9
    The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?
    I won’t speak for anyone else, but I know that when I have anger in my heart over injustice, I can speak out of turn or react in a manner not worthy of the kingdom of God.  I definitely have not perfected this area of my life, but I feel like this lesson was huge for me and for my family member who was dealing with the situation.
    Be blessed



  1. I “gave up” anger and quick reactions during the Lenten season years ago ..powerful! Your words shared with authenticity shedding light in our own dark places. Surrendering and Praying through my own revelations and to step back out of the way so God can directly speak His life into those I love.


  2. I have been dealing with some anger issues for the past few months. I can control it outwardly, but inwardly, my thoughts are sometimes not kingdom-ward! I’ve fasted words in the past, and that was a learning experience. I have sought God lately for how to handle the thoughts quickly and in a biblical way. Exchanging them in my mind with “what is true, noble, etc.,” about people toward whom I have negative feelings, is what I need to do and what is helping me these days. xoxo

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  3. Enjoyed reading this. It is difficult regarding injustices weather you are the one going through them or you see it happening to others. The Word does say we are to speak out on injustice and to stand for justice as well as be angry and sin not. The balance in all of that is difficult. I know for e one of the issues in anger is at times I handle things well until I feel like I am pushed against the wall so to speak. I have been trying to examine my heart regarding my responses as to why I respond so quickly and ask myself the questions “why am I respondingthis way? What is really making you angry? Is your response justified to the situation? And if my response is really not justified I try to really search in my heart to find out what fuels it. I think you have mentioned the greatest reminder regarding guarding our hearts. Soething I need to reind myself to do daily.


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