I believe that this is a word of encouragement for this season.  I am not sure about the rest of the country, but on the Northeast coast last Fall record numbers of acorns fell from the trees!  This made it difficult for those cleaning up their yards.  They were just too numerous to pick them all up!  The squirrels must have been in their glory!

As Spring, 2016 rolled around, I noticed tons of little oak trees popping up everywhere.  Of course they were a result of all of the acorns that had managed to plant themselves firmly enough into the earth to take root.  Even in the nice neighborhoods where many chemicals are applied to the lawn to keep everything but grass from growing, these tiny oaks are resisting the toxic environment and still growing!

Our natural world displays what is happening in the spiritual realm.  I felt like the Lord was saying to me this morning that as record numbers of believers dropped to their knees last year and began to fight for their country, many seeds were planted into American soil.  Even in a toxic environment with much opposition, nothing can stop the prayers of the righteous from producing fruit!  We don’t always immediately see the fruit of our prayers but I believe we are planting something that will produce good results.

John 12:24 Expanded Bible

24 ·I tell you the truth [L Truly, truly I say to you], a grain of wheat must fall to the ground and die to make ·many seeds [L much fruit]. But if it never dies, it remains only a single ·seed [grain].

When we die to ourselves and take the time to pray, it produces many seeds that God can work with.  As we are coming closer to election time, allow the Lord to guide your prayers for this nation.

I believe those little oak trees sprouting up everywhere are symbols of this next generation  rising up to be might oaks for the Lord.  I also believe that these small trees are symbols of the pockets of revival that are springing up in our nation!

Let’s do everything we can (on our knees) to leave the upcoming generations a revived legacy in place to hand over to them when our time on earth is done.   I am sure that none of us want to see them have to start over, building from the acorn up because we stopped planting seeds on our knees.

Be Blessed



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