So today I thought I was going to post part 2 of The Cover Up, but I guess God had other plans.

I was running for quite some time this morning when I spotted a lady with a Dachshund.  I miss my little dog a lot so I slowed down hoping to pet him.  I quickly realized that she was on the cell phone and was reprimanding someone in a loving but truthful way.  This is exactly what she said, “Why do you worry about whether this man is going to pay you?  We go through this every two weeks.  You either need to stop stressing and trust that this guy is gonna pay you or just go get another job.  You either trust him or you don’t!”

As soon as I passed by her, the Holy Spirit began to speak.  I felt as though He was saying that this is what we do with God.  When things are going good it’s so easy to trust Him.  If you are a believer and are in the Kingdom, you are an ambassador and employer of the most high God.

He spoke the word moonlighting.  If you are unfamiliar with this term, this is how describes it:

verb (used without object), moonlighted, moonlighting.
to work at an additional job after one’s regular, full-time employment, as at night.
I felt like He was saying that when we are in the Kingdom, everything we need is provided for us.  When we fall into worry and fear (like this person obviously was doing every two weeks on pay day), we are moonlighting with the enemy.  Isn’t it interesting that the term moonlighting came to be as a result of working overtime mostly at night.  Well isn’t this what we’re doing when we toss and turn at night because of brain traffic?  We are moonlighting with the enemy.
Most seasoned believers understand that this practice is fruitless and things usually seem less dramatic in the morning compared to what they appear to be in the middle of the night.
How do we stop moonlighting?  This could be a 10 page teaching, but I am going to focus on just one aspect.  Anger:

Ephesians 4:26-27 (AMP)

26 Be angry [at sin—at immorality, at injustice, at ungodly behavior], yet do not sin; do not let your anger [cause you shame, nor allow it to] last until the sun goes down. 27 And do not give the devil an opportunity [to lead you into sin by holding a grudge, or nurturing anger, or harboring resentment, or cultivating bitterness].

I haven’t experienced brain traffic in quite a long time, but the other night I woke up in such a spot.  I forgot how awful it actually is.  As I prayed, I realized that I had let anger come to bed with me over an injustice that is happening to someone in my family.  I got busy that day and didn’t even realize that I had let the sun go down on that resentment and gave the enemy an open door for worry.

Matthew 18:15 (AMP)

15 “If your brother sins[a], go and show him his fault in private; if he listens and pays attention to you, you have won back your brother.

I am a big believer in going directly to the person you have an issue with and not speak to anyone else along the way (except for God).  Whenever this is possible, it should be our norm.  If we don’t, this is a huge open door to moonlighting with the enemy.  Sometimes that is not possible before the sun goes down.  Then what?  This does not give us a license to go gossip to someone else first.  We should go to the throne and not the phone. 

When the moon is full you can see aspects and characteristics of it that you can’t see during it’s other phases.  So it is with us, when we are tossing and turning on our beds or just dealing with some serious anger that we can see characteristics in our own behavior that need some work and healing.

Just like that phone call this morning, we need to asking ourselves why we are worrying about whether our God is going to pay us or not.  Like the lady said this morning, “You either trust Him or you don’t.”  Sometimes that pay back needs to be justice.  Sometimes it’s financial.  Sometimes it’s a prayer request that we have been lifting up for decades.

I encourage you to ask yourself today, “Am I gonna trust God, or am I  going to continue to moonlight with the enemy.”

Be Blessed


  1. Yes, God tells us to go straight to the person with whom we have an issue of some sort. It’s just that I’ve had such hard experiences trying to go straight to someone with my concerns. It has most often ended badly. I’ve met so few people who are truly open to receiving the hard word…giving it, yes, they’re open and ready. But being the recipient is another story. As a whole, no one likes to be called on things. I guess there has to be that mutual understanding between two friends so that the motive is never doubted? Just some thoughts on it as I think on a couple of times I tried to address things in love with someone, and I got attacked. My feelings certainly don’t change the truth of God’s word. I’m just admitting my own…what’s the adjective here? Hesitancy? Cowardice? Fear of man?


  2. Sometimes I think it’s more about the Holy Spirit’s perfect timing to speak a word in the right season. I am learning this more and more as time goes by. That leaves you with having to take it to the throne until the timing is right. Sometimes I’ve learned that taking it to the throne causes me to not have to even take it to the person eventually. I have noticed that the people who have the worst time receiving a word of Correction from a friend are the ones who are still struggling with a little bit of the religious spirit. Also, sandwiching a tough word between two layers of praise is very helpful as well. Thanks for your insightful comments 🙂


    • Thank you both for sharing. I too Maria have been on the receiving end ….denial, anger and hurt … All for risking my faith to love on someone I’ve been concerned for for too long. I even fell to hurtful anger and pray for Gods forgiveness and restoration of hearts… Gods will not my own.


  3. I have been in this situation before as well. In the last case that was really difficult, I backed off and prayed that the Lord would show the other person the truth in his perfect timing through perhaps a lesson or another friend excetera. That’s exactly what happened.It was never spoken of again and we are absolutely fine now, but I could see how when I Surrendered that person to God he took care of it after I spoke the truth in love. Thanks for commenting Lori!


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