The Race



When I woke up Easter morning the last thing I expected to have on my mind was the upcoming presidential election.  To be honest with you I have avoided it up until this time almost completely.  As a widow with a big house and yard, kids, a few jobs, church duties this very part-time blog and an upcoming book, it’s the last thing on my mind until I absolutely have to think about it.  Well, I guess God thought it was time for me to begin to think and pray about this most important and historical upcoming event because the words I heard in my ear that morning were not about His death and resurrection.  What I heard was, “It’s not about gender or color but about the spirit that’s inside of them.” 

For Christian’s this should be pretty much a no-brainer concept, but after a long, brutal battle between candidates, the pickings start to get slim and you start to wonder what is the lesser of two evils!  We have seen a few candidates come in with their own high hopes and fizzle out early.  Just like in a marathon or any other type of race where fortitude and training are important, they most likely had not trained and prepared well enough to withstand the heat.

I am so grateful that the Word of God gives us much instruction for guiding us in choosing elected officials.  Today I received in the mail a prayer card entitled, “Get Out The Prayer.”  I am enclosing a copy of it below.  It is put out by a movement called Intercessors for America.  I know very little about them but one thing I do know is that if we don’t begin to pray, we will have very little to choose from when the curtain closes behind each of us the second Tuesday in November.

When I make my choice, I want to be able to vote for someone who knows that spending time with God will produce more positive results that anything else he/she can do!  I want to know that I am voting for someone who will lay down their own agenda and their own free will for God’s purposes.  I want to vote for someone with enough moxy to stand up against a corrupt system.

The one thing I do know is that if I don’t pray, I most likely won’t have the privilege of voting for someone with those qualities.  As I see it, we have seven solid months to pray before this election.  Since seven is the biblical number of completion and perfection, I believe it’s enough time to turn things around!

I had to take pictures of these because unfortunately, they do not have this available as a download or link on their web site.  You can go to  and request a free prayer card for yourself and/or your church.  Or simply pin or print these pics yourself!

Will you join me in praying some of these prayers for this upcoming, most important election?


Be Blessed

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