The Delivery room


It was so beautiful running outside yesterday.  All of the trees are finally budding and flowering.  The air is perfumed with flowering bushes.  Spring feels like nature’s way of giving birth to new life and new growth.  God has been speaking to me about the birthing process a bit lately.

We all know that it usually takes 9 months to develop a healthy baby from conception to birth.  Most couples, after discovering they are pregnant,  dive into learning about the different trimesters and what stage of development their soon to be new member of the family is in month by month.  If all is well with the pregnancy,  it is such a great time of wonder and discovery as the baby begins to grow, then move and kick.  What amazing moments when you can see that child on the ultrasounds as well.  So much growth and development happens in 9 short months, yet if you ask almost any woman in her last month of pregnancy, she is ready to deliver that baby a.s.a.p.!

Maybe you had your children a long time ago and those memories are quite distant.  Maybe children are in your future but you aren’t even thinking about a family yet.  Having babies is not the only birthing process we go through.  I would be willing to bet that you could be in the birthing process right now.  The definition of birthing is the emergence or beginning of something.

I don’t think it’s an accident that many tests, trials and even training classes run in a 9 month cycle.  Our children attend school for approx. 9 months per year.  A lot of beauty schools, technology schools, disciple training programs, etc. take about 9 months to complete.  You go into a class, testing or trial as a bit of a novice and hopefully come out, being delivered on the other end,  as an expert (or at least a lot more knowledgeable than when you began.)

What is God birthing in your life?  Which trimester do you feel like you are in?  Let’s see what God’s word has to say:

Hosea 13:13 Pain has come to the people like the pain of childbirth, but they are like a child who resists being born. The moment of birth has arrived, but they stay in the womb!

Are you staying in the womb where it is warm, familiar and comfortable?  In Lisa Bevere’s new book, Girls with Swords, she speaks of the three things that the enemy will use to keep you from birthing what God is trying to do in your life:

1.  Oppression

2.  Distraction

3.  Distraction

Notice how much distraction the enemy throws at us to take us off of our appointed tasks.

Then there is the matter of trying to birth something before God’s appointed time.  Just as a premature baby has to fight to survive, so will your ministry, calling, promotion, etc if you try to push it out to delivery before it’s predestined time.  If you know God has told you that something you have been waiting for will be birthed in your lifetime and you have yet to see the arrival of that day, hold on to this verse:

Isaiah 66:9 Shall I bring to the time of birth, and not cause delivery?” says the Lord. “Shall I who cause delivery shut up the womb?” says your God.

Your birth day will come, you just might not be ready to breathe on your own yet.  Be patient, you may need to remain in the womb just a little while longer.

As for me, it has been nine months since I started this blog.  I have learned to take criticism better, hopefully write a little better (don’t consider myself a writer at all), learn new computer skills, promote other people’s blog pages and writing, etc.  I am birthing my first book and hopefully a workbook and devotional in the next few years.  I have no idea what trimester I am in.  All I am sure of is that God is in control of when delivery will be and I am not.

What are you birthing?  Are you impregnated with the purposes of God?  Please share.

Be blessed


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