I was so grateful for the warmer weather on the East Coast yesterday.  It was nice to have my first run back outside to be a warm one!  I stayed inside on the treadmill last week.  It’s an easier run and I was not strong enough (emotionally or physically) to brave the cold and push myself.  If you are well acquainted with grief, you know how exhausting it can be.

It has been a roller coaster of ups and downs these last few days.  Eric and I were scheduled to renew our vows right after church this past Sunday.  We were looking forward to including our children in the ceremony with a unity sand vase that we would all make together.  Our 25th wedding anniversary would have been today.

As I ran, I was thinking about those milestones that we reach in life that have so much meaning.  First it is usually high school graduation followed by marriage, children, grandchildren and those milestone anniversaries.  Just like any other marriage, our marriage wasn’t perfect, but we fought hard to maintain it and make it work.  We were beating the odds and the statistics of divorce and growing closer to each other and to God as a result.

Our family has reached a new milestone.  For me, my son and daughter, we must now reflect on where we are in life and change our course according to God’s plan.

Psalm 25:5-7The Message (MSG)

5 Take me by the hand;
Lead me down the path of truth.
You are my Savior, aren’t you?
6 Mark the milestones of your mercy and love, God;
Rebuild the ancient landmarks!
7 Forget that I sowed wild oats;
Mark me with your sign of love.
Plan only the best for me, God!

We know that God’s plans for us are only the best as we venture forward without my beloved spouse and their dad.

As you reflect on this passage of scripture today, make sure that your plan for your life is also God’s plan.  Remember that He has marked you with His sign of love and He only has the best possible plans in mind for you today and for the rest of your life!

Be blessed


  1. Thanks for sharing words of life. Thanks for your willingness to teach others from, and in the midst of, your pain and loss.


  2. Thank you for sharing from your heart. You are a beautiful, strong woman and mother and your love for our Lord is evident in all your words. Be blessed.


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