When I first began to run, I always headed out wearing sunglasses.  It wasn’t always sunny enough to warrant wearing them, but they felt like a little bit of protection from anyone who may recognize me while I was pounding the pavement.  Why did I feel this way?  Some of it was based on the comparison of others I had seen over the years out running in apparel that would make a mother want to cover her children’s eyes.  I am careful to dress properly but still felt insecure about what I must look like from other people’s point of view. In addition,  I tend to be a private person and over the years my exercise has been mostly done in the privacy of my own home.  The bottom line is that I just didn’t want to look ridiculous.

Just like anything else that you do over and over again, it began to get easier and more comfortable for me to take off the glasses and just get out there.  After all, I am not doing it for anyone else.  It’s okay if I am not the perfect model of what a runner should look like.  I don’t have any fancy equipment attached to my arm.  I don’t have high end running sneakers or the exact shorts that professional marathon runners wear.  What I do have is a desire to stay strong and healthy for God, myself, my family and my ministries so that I can have the energy to be a blessing to many for years to come.  I was hiding behind the glasses because I did not feel like a confident runner when I started.   Something else I hid behind for years was makeup.  As God has become my confidence, I don’t mind exposing my face when it is not necessary for me to look professional.  The picture attached is me without makeup.  It was taken almost 2 years ago by my husband on Thanksgiving morning .

Psalm 71:5  says,

For you have been my hope, Sovereign Lord,
my confidence since my youth.

As you think about this verse, ask yourself what are your “sunglasses”. What do you hid behind?  Where do you need to have more transparency in your life and  how can God be your confidence in that area?  Be blessed




  1. Love the transparency article! God is my confidence so why do I bother about what others think of me? Going to meditate on that scripture. Thanks Donna!

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  2. Thanks Donna for the insight. Anything we hide behind (and I have been guilty of this) just dims the light that shines in and through us for the Glory of the Lord. Transparency allows the light to shine brightly.

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  3. Donna,

    This is awesome, I had no idea you started a blog! That picture of you is truly beautiful. You look happy, young and refreshed.


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