Duck Poop

Birds_nature_family_243981_m Spring is that wonderful time when all of nature seems to be coming back to life.  We have a man-made lake in our development and I just love watching the ducks with their baby ducklings as the weather begins to warm up.  They are so cute and fuzzy when they are little and I love to watch them follow their Mama!  What is not so cute is all of the duck droppings that are left all over the sidewalks in the neighborhood as a result of their presence.

I know God has an wonderful sense of humor and he used those duck droppings to speak to me that day.  My family had a particularly difficult week filled with strife, a jam packed schedule and a visit to the ER for my daughter.  As He pushed me way beyond my limit in the final sprint of the day, the Lord reminded me that sometimes; like a run, life gets hard.  As I came to the last few meters of that sprint, I encountered tons of duck feces all over the sidewalk.  As I was bobbing and weaving in an attempt to not step on any of it, He compared it to my week.  Sometimes when we don’t think we can take anymore, life throws some “duck poop” in our path and we have to navigate around it.  Just like the hardest part of the sprint produces endurance during training, so does learning to bob and weave around the obstacles we face while we are running this race called life.

Isaiah 66:9 New century version says;

In the same way I will not cause pain without allowing something new to be born,” says the Lord.  “If I cause you the pain, I will not stop you from giving birth to your new nation,” says your God.

Even if we do step in some poop along the way, if we continue to run the race, by the time we get home it will all be left in the grass behind us.  Somedays we step into situations that we never intended  to get ourselves into but if we keep running with God, He will make sure that we have no residue left on us by the time we reach our destination.

Be blessed



  1. Interesting (and quite humorous) to really think about this in detail. If I stop to wipe the poop off my shoes, it delays my journey to the finish line, it has me concentrating on the “poop” instead of my goal, AND, it’s a disgusting, aggravating task that causes me to resent it and question the usefulness of the run. To the contrary, if I just ignore it, it naturally removes itself as I continue the run (my quest, my journey), I finish in the time God intended, I have stayed focused on the goal, and I can see the benefits (the glory) of the run, not the oitfalls!


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