Taking out the trash


Very early in my training I found myself out running on the mornings that our trash truck came through the area. As the weather got warmer you can imagine what an unpleasant experience it became for me to run on the sidewalk right next to those cans! There were some pretty offending odors oozing out of what seemed like every other receptacle I passed by. One Thursday morning I seemed to be jogging in tandem with the trash truck as it went from house to house quickly emptying each can and moving to the next. As I watched the men work,  I realized that I was doing exactly what they were doing. My running time was my way of emptying the garbage in me in more ways that one.

First of all most of us know that as we sweat we remove toxins from our physical bodies.  Some toxins and waste products in the blood are able to diffuse into the sweat glands.  As a result, when the body excretes sweat (in order to cool down), some toxins are excreted as well.  I just love the fact that I can remove some waste from my body as I run!

Another way I remove the trash is as soon as I head out of the door, I speak the blood of Jesus over my physical body, my mind, thoughts and spiritual eyesight.  I pray that I only have ears to hear what the Spirit of the living God is saying to me.  As I run and listen to His voice inside of me, I receive clarity of mind.  Anything that seems to be troubling me or anything I have confusion about seems to all straighten out when every other voice in the world is shut down and it is only Him and me.  With the Holy Spirit’s assistance, I am removing the garbage from my mind and thoughts.  Sometimes as my feet are beating along the path, my schedule for the day falls into place in my mind.  Because it is God’s will for my day, I know it will be so much better than if I had planned it alone.

Luke 3:4-6 (Amp) 4 As it is written in the book of Isaiah, the prophet, the voice of one crying in the wilderness (shouting in the desert): Prepare the way of the Lord, make his beaten paths straight.  5 Every valley and ravine shall be filled up, and every mountain and hill shall be leveled; and the crooked places shall be made straight, and the rough roads shall be made smooth.

As I surrender my concerns to Him and allow the Spirit to organize my day, I am allowing God to level my hills and make my crooked places straight.  Every little bit that we give to Him helps to smooth out those rough roads ahead of us.

How about that recycle bin?  As believers, we can be like the stuff in the recycle bins.  How?  We are to utilize what God has put inside of us.  Then we go back to the Father to get cleaned up inside and out.  Some of us get re-purposed for another use while others get filled right back up (with the Holy Spirit) and go back to being utilized for the same task.  I think its amazing how some genius out there figured out how to take recycled newspaper and turn it into something else, like toilet paper or paper plates.  Just as that process involves breaking down and reforming a useful item, so are we in the Father’s hands.

Isaiah 64:8 Yet you, Lord are our Father.  We are the clay, you are the potter.  We are all the work of your hand.   Each of us can be broken down and formed into an entirely new package useful to God for His purposes.  I hope to be compliant enough to the Father’s will for my life to be a newly recycled package whenever He deems it necessary.

As you meditate on Luke 3: 4-6 today, ask the Lord how you can prepare yourself to make more room for Him so that He can straighten out some more paths, smooth out the rough roads and recycle you for use in the Kingdom daily.

Be blessed.










  1. I have heard the saying – don’t rest on your laurels. Now. Not only do I understand that they will wilt, but now I also understand that we too can “wilt” or grow sluggish if we don’t heed the voice of the Holy Spirit and follow His leading. Hebrews 12:1-2 …let us run with endurance the race that is set before us…


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