3 days in the tomb

So my first entry has an odd name for a running blog, but for any of you who can remember your early days of getting out there to run, it was not always a pleasant experience.  Am I right?  Most people feel like they are literally dying and their lungs are going to explode in their chest if they are pushing themselves the first few times they run.  If you read my “about” page you know that I began to run out of obedience to God.  I was sitting in a bible study and it was prayer time.  Our incredible leader said that she had been feeling like a lot of us needed to go back in prayer and ask God to reveal the things in our lives that He had been leading us to do and we had been avoiding (or sometimes even just forgot them).   As I waited for the Lord to speak, I clearly sensed that He wanted me to begin to run.  I had felt His nudging to get out and walk again for quite some time and had just kept making excuses as to why I wasn’t obeying that leading (too busy, too cold outside, etc).  This time I knew if I didn’t immediately act on the desire He was giving me, I might lose that grace of actually feeling like I wanted to run. I just love when God asks us to do something and then out of His great love toward us, gives us the desire to do that very thing.  I got out the next morning and got started.  As a 50 year old woman I have spent much of my failed exercise attempts at overdoing it from the start and then getting injured or hating it so much that I just gave up.  This time I decided that I would give the Holy Spirit full reign to be my personal trainer.  Who better right?  As a Spirit filled Christian, I understand how to let Him lead.  He instructed me to only run 3 days a week.  That was more than enough for me.  I needed to work it into an already busy schedule of being a wife, mother, counselor, teacher, caring for an older parent in our home, etc.  You know the drill.  Your life probably looks a lot like mine.  We all wear many hats as women today.

I live in a lovely neighborhood.  When I leave the house,  I take the route I feel He is leading me toward.  He seems to give me a different path almost every time I go out.  No run ever looks like another.  I listen for His leading of when to walk, how far to run, etc.  He is the best trainer for me because He understands my body better than I do.  I don’t need a running app on my phone, I have the Holy Spirit.  As I run, He uses many different items along the path to teach me lessons or to drive home a concept that He has been teaching me for years or even decades.  It is so very personal and wonderful!

On my third time out running, I was still really not enjoying running at all.  It was agonizing!  I felt like every contestant I have ever seen on a reality weight loss show that was practically crying because they were being pushed beyond what they believed their body could withstand.  I began to complain in prayer to the Lord.  I couldn’t complain out loud because there was no breath in me for that ; )  I immediately sensed Him speaking this to me…….”even I was in the tomb for three days”.



Acts 13:28-30AmplifiedBible (AMP)

28 And although they could find no cause deserving death with which to charge Him, yet they asked Pilate to have Him executed and put out of the way. 29 And when they had finished and fulfilled everything that was written about Him, they took Him down from the tree and laid Him in a tomb. 30 But God raised Him from the dead.

As I took this scripture in to my spirit in a whole new way that day, I realized how selfish I was for complaining about a little discomfort.  Here was the Lord who died for my sins, long suffering with me yet again as I ran and complained in prayer to Him that it was hard.  I didn’t complain anymore after that third run.  I quickly began to build up endurance after that third time out!  I look forward to my run time (still 3 times per week) and protect it like it is pure gold.

My question to you today is “what are you complaining about that pales in comparison to being in the tomb for 3 days?”  Confess it to God and ask Him to help you see the benefits and growth that is coming out of that situation or circumstance.

Be blessed!

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